For many people, the first time they heard about citric acid, it was probably in relation to citrus fruits. If this is the case, then that information is absolutely correct. Citric acid is a weak acid that can be found naturally in citric fruits. In other words, you already know it tastes like if you’ve ever had a lemon or an orange.

We are also able to manufacture citric acid. citric acid bulk supply is needed to meet the needs of several industrial purposes. For instance, it is added to processed foods and used in treating kidney stones.

What are the sources of citric acid?

Although they have significant quantities in citrus fruits, citric acid is found in small traces in all animals and plants. Naturally, citric acid has high concentrations in fruits like lemon, oranges, grapefruit, lime, and berries. Artificially sourced citric acid is manufactured and put in food, drinks, medicines, cleaning products, etc.

Uses of citric acid


Artificially manufactured citric acid is used in the processed food industry to keep food fresh. In other words, citric acid is one of the things added to canned foods that increases their shelf life. When fruits are sliced, citric acid prevents them from turning brown. It is also used as a thickener for food or to give it an intentional sour taste. If you pay close attention to food labels, you would have noticed citric acid is added to some sodas, sorbets, and ice creams.


Artificial citric acid is added in making calcium citrate medicines. It is an effective supplement in preventing kidney stones. It does this by reducing the acid levels in the urine.


They are added to drinks to help improve their taste. Citric acid is known to reduce the acid levels in drinks. So when winemakers want to reduce the acidic taste of wines, citric acid is added to balance it out.

Personal care products

Have you ever seen or heard of alpha hydroxy acid? It is a common compound found in many skin care products like creams. When citric acid is added to other ingredients, the compound is formed. It helps combat and remove skin infections. They are also found in deodorant and hair sprays to increase the shelf life of the solution.

Cleaning products

Citric acid easily dissolves hard water. This makes it a major ingredient in dishwasher soaps and detergents. It is also effective in removing odors and stains from objects. Citric acid is also harmful to certain types of viruses and bacteria. This is why they are added in sprays and sanitizers.

When soils get contaminated, citric acid can be used to reduce the pollution. They’re also effective in cleaning up nuclear waste.


There are a lot more uses of citric acid than just giving taste to citrus fruits. They have both domestic and commercial uses in areas many people do not know they exist. From helping to preserve food items, preventing kidney stones, to cleaning up nuclear wastes, it’s safe to say that citric acid (natural or artificial) is one of the most important acids in our life.


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