DDPROTOTYPE is a service company that provides services in manufacturing prototypes. It uses state-of-the-art professionals and technologies to provide the best services among its competitors. DDPROTOTYPE assures the best quality with minimum cost. Prototype manufacturing is usually done in the fields of aerospace, electronics, medical, or automobile manufacturing. DDPROTOTYPE assures the several-time check of the durability and functionality of a prototype. In this, the prototype shows maximum efficiency with minimum errors and hence gets a reputation in the market. Moreover, the best suitable equipment is installed in the prototype for better functioning. Due to its quality and professionalism, DDPROTOTYPE is recognized and respected worldwide.


Services of DDPROTOTYPE are considered worldwide. The entire world has acknowledged the fact that it does not compromise the quality of the prototype. This can be understood by having a look at the awards that it has gained. In 2019 DDPROTOTYPE collected Zygo Preferred Supplier Fortive Award. In 2018 it was awarded by Preferred Supplier Award from Danaher. In the same year, it was also awarded and was considered a Preferred Supplier by Zygo.  In 2017 it received an Outstanding Supplier from Setra. DDPROTOTYPE is constantly shifting itself towards modern technology along with innovation in its management.  The professional of DDPROTOTYPE has vast experience in designing and manufacturing prototypes. Engineers have 16 years plus of experience in relevant fields. They provide a one-stop solution to the customers. They also provide insightful feedback along with the component designs to the customers. The materials used by DDPROTOTYPE in manufacturing a prototype are usually metal or high-quality plastic. It is considered one of the best prototype manufacturing companies in China which has the best rapid production techniques. DDPROTOTYPE is deeply concerned with providing the best services by using different techniques. These techniques involve CNC machining, 3D Printing, Injection Molding, Vacuum Casting, and sheet metal prototyping. DDPROTOTYPE has a team of more than 65 professionals who are experts in design and manufacturing. Customers from aerospace, electronics, medical, communication, or automobile can take benefit from this reputed company.

Capabilities of DDPROTOTYPE:

DDPROTOTYPE is capable to provide three things to a customer. One is global sourcing. Global sourcing means that it can provide the best goods with minimum wages globally. It has some of the rare components of aerospace fields. The goods are provided as per the demand of the customer. Usually, no delays happen in the delivery services as well. The second capability of DDPROTOTYPE is that it can test a prototype and analyze whether the design inputs match the design outputs or not. DDPROTOTYPE helps customers in optimizing the prototype as per the need of the global market. The highly professional is helping in the optimization and verification of the products. The third capability of DDPROTOTYPE is that when the manufacturing of a component takes place at a mass scale, the prototype and final product show the same results. DDPROTOTYPE also provides technical support in terms of giving honest feedback. The professionals can also provide the component list to the customer for their ease.


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