An Angle Steel Punching Shearing Marking Line Machine is used for the production of angle steel for iron tower production. It is widely used in the metal industry and power transmission and transformation factories. It is used for marking, punching, shearing, and cutting the angle steel at the right angles.

Components of Angle Steel Machine:

As the name suggests, the machine is responsible for punching, shearing, and, marking angle steel. It consists of the following four basic components:

  • Punching unit
  • Cutting unit
  • Shearing unit
  • Marking unit

· Punching unit:

The punching unit of the machine has a closed body to make it more stable and safe. It is used to punch accurate holes of the desired size into the metal sheet. It uses hydraulic pressure for the punching of angle steel. Two punching units work together to punch both sides of angle steel. Steel can be punched in three punching die positions. The maximum amount of pressure used for the punching is 1000kN.

· Cutting unit:

The cutting unit resembles the punching unit in shape. It is used to remove unnecessary parts of angle steel. It uses a double-edge cutting method for precise cutting of angle steel. The maximum amount of force used for cutting is 1540kN.

· Shearing unit:

The Shearing unit is responsible for cutting a straight line through angle steel. It also uses a hydraulic system to make precise shears.

· Marking unit:

The marking unit is used to mark different characters and numbers on the angle steel. It ensures the efficient fabrication of angle steel.

Characteristics of Angle Steel Machine:

You can get done with the multiple tasks of punching and shearing with the help of only one machine. It provides you with the following features for the production of your desired angle steel.

· Mass production and a high speed:

Angle steel punching machine allows you to produce the profiles in bulk for the metal and manufacturing industry. It also enables mass production at high speed without compromising the quality of your product.

· High tensile strength:

Angle Steel Punching Shearing Marking Line Machine is composed of high-quality material. It provides durability, strength, and high tensile strength. All the units of the machine are assembled with great care to avoid any damage to the machine. The material used for the production of the machine gives a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant finish.

· Variability:

Punching Shearing Marking Line Machine enables you to produce the variable size of the punching and shearing in the steel. You can cut the sheets at any angle. It allows you to punch precise holes of different sizes and diameters. So it’s so easy to make variable components by using this machine.

· The high degree of automation:

Angle steel punching shearing marking line machine needs to be programmed. Computer software is used to optimize the layout. it provides a high degree of automation and efficiency and saves manual work.


If you are looking for a punching shearing line machine, you should buy it from a reliable workshop. It will ensure the quality and efficiency of the machine.


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