From titanium bolts to anodes to many other things, titanium is a metal with multiple uses. This metal was primarily overlooked initially because it is not as readily available as other metals. But recently, the features of titanium began to speak for themselves. Now, the metal is one of the most sought-after metals globally. One of the major perks of choosing titanium for any function is its weight and strength ratio. The strength exhibited by a titanium metal is nothing close to the weight you will feel.

Another advantage of titanium metal is its high melting point. All metals have melting points – the heat that dissolves the metals from solid form to liquid form. Metals with low melting points will be used around areas with low heat for safety purposes. But in the case of titanium, it is an alloy that has a high melting point. So even with the highest of heat, the titanium metal will not melt.

The use of titanium is not limited to one field because of its many advantages. You will see titanium being used in the aerospace industry, chemical, paper, architectural, and other industries. Titanium is a good fit anywhere because apart from being used as the primary metal, titanium is also used for other purposes. Titanium can be made into small bolts to help fasten your machines and other devices. If you are a manufacturer and you have not started using titanium bolts, read this article to see some of the advantages you have been missing

Little or no maintenance fee

Titanium is a very strong alloy. Therefore, the chances of your bolts breaking or losing when it is titanium are very low. As you know, the bolts of a machine are as necessary as the machine. If the device is not bolted correctly, it will not only cost money to fix it may also cost lives.

Resistant to corrosion

Titanium resistance to corrosion is an amazing one amongst metals. For most metals that can resist adequately, when they get into a salt-induced environment, they become corrosive. Titanium, however, is a stubborn metal that does not corrode even in the worst situation, including seawater. Chlorine and its solutions are some other reactors that cause corrosion in metals. But titanium does not just react with any chlorine solution. It may only react with the highly concentrated ones.


As a business owner, running costs are essential. As small as bolts are, getting them every day will cost you a lot. Therefore, you can not afford to use a metal bolt that you need to change frequently. Titanium bolts may cost more than regular bolts, but over a period, you will realize that you will not have any cause to change the bolts, thereby saving money.

Strong and hard option

For heavy machining purposes, not only your machine needs to be strong and sharp, the bolts and nuts need to be extra strong. In heavy machinery, using a titanium bolt does the magic. Luckily, the titanium bolt does not precisely add weight to the machine compared to the strength it is bringing.


Titanium bolts are becoming increasingly common amongst manufacturers. We have highlighter reasons why you should choose titanium over other metals.


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