Car lifters are mechanical lifting tools used to lift cars for servicing. It employs a mechanical jack with a screw thread creating torque upward by operating it with a hand or foot lever. But in hydraulic car jacks, the hydraulic pressure simply lifts the car without manual inputs. This article mentions the importance and types of a car lifter in a brief and elaborated way.

Who Should Buy A Car Lifter

Now let’s go through who must have car lifters in their garage.

1. Car Owners

Car owners must have a mechanical or hydraulic car jack in their garage. It helps with changing or pumping tires, checking or cleaning the underbelly to remove dust, applying rust removal sprays, and looking for oil leakages in pipelines or holes on the exhaust pipe surface. Furthermore, a car lifter also aids in checking if the brake discs, shoes, and pressure pipes are okay or not and other things like checking the drive shaft condition, etc., so that they can be fixed on time.

2. Professional Mechanics

It’s obvious that all professional mechanics already have 2-3 types of car lifters or jacks. Since they provide car repair service, they must have this equipment. All of them have mechanical or hydraulic lifters for wheel balancing, steering alignment, exhaust replacement, wheel changing, axle repair, driveshaft repair, changing different levers, cleaning, etc.

Car Lifter Variants

Here the types of car lifters are explained briefly and descriptively. So let’s continue reading to see what’s more.

1. Ramp-style Car Lifter

Ramp-style car lifters are very strong ramp structured instruments which are used to lift the whole automobile from the ground surface to access its underbelly and chassis. Operating with a ramp-style car lifter is one of the easiest ways for car elevation inside a workshop.

2. Hydraulic Car Lifter

Hydraulic car lifters can move vehicles upward when a hydraulic pump pressure pushes inside the structure of lifting levers from a fluid container to the hollow cylinders of those lifting levers. When the cylinder fills with the liquid, a piston component inside it is pushed, which generates an upward force creating the lift movement.

3. Single Post Car Lifter

These simply constructed single post lifters are suitable for residential storage and light commercial vehicles. It can also accommodate smaller cars with capacities of less than six thousand pounds.

4. Double Post Car Lifter

The double post or two post vehicle lifters are posts above ground lift engineered to raise commercial vehicles such as trucks to easily access the wheel assemblies, axles, and chassis under the vehicle’s frame. It is normally mounted to a concrete surface where minimal concrete depth must be 4 in. above ground.

5. Four Post Car Lifter

These are prominently utilized for repairing underbody parts and alignments. Good product like Electro-Hydraulic four post lifters are used for high safety and stability while working. These lifters can raise the vehicle to 6’ based on the requirements.


So, all in all, car lifts have become an important part of the automotive industry. While bringing convenience to people, it has also greatly changed people’s lives, so it is a good choice for people who have a car.


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