Your company is growing and needs to expand. But what happens when you need more devices but run out of available power outlets?

It is where the problem gets real. Suddenly your network is a mess, with no way to power all those devices that you need in your office. Poorly managing your industrial network can have devastating consequences. Any mistake in your industrial system can cost you from an outage that damages equipment to the risk of IT security breaches.

Get the managed industrial switch because this switch is a robust and scalable solution that ensures you have a complete, intelligible, and easily managed network. This device has 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect various devices to it. It’s ultra-easy to install and operate and is backed by our award-winning customer service team for all support needs!

Let’s jump more profound into the article to discover the basic features and benefits of the managed industrial POE switch.

Easy Relocation

Easy to relocate more easily and quickly. Without site preparation, the Managed Industrial POE Switch can be installed in about an hour, exactly where you want it to go.

Managed Industrial POE Switches have all the benefits of a standard industrial switch, including the convenience of auto-negotiation and the capability to deliver PoE power through existing Ethernet cables. These easy-to-use switches are designed to quickly relocate equipment in large warehouses and industrial facilities.

They are specially designed for factory automation and security system requirements, especially the ability to relocate the devices around the factories without breaking the Ethernet cable connection.

Energy Efficient

Managed Industrial POE Switch is a cost-effective option for companies looking to improve the energy efficiency of their networks. They are also equipped with essential features, including multiple VLAN support, auto-sensing ports, 802.1Q priority tagging, etc.

It makes them ideal for use in industrial environments, particularly considering they come with an IP30 rating. They have managed means you can rely on top-quality management tools to get ahead of future technology trends while still making savings today.

Optimized Network

Managed Industrial POE switches are highly efficient. They are used in the most demanding situations, such as a large oil well or a factory where many electronic devices need to be accommodated.

These managed POE switches offer outstanding performance at an affordable price point and can handle gigabit data through the Ethernet ports.

POE switches are used to power and manage network devices, such as IP phones, wireless access points, and security cameras. A managed industrial POE switch can save you time by automating routine procedures and eliminating human error.

Power Monitoring And Traffic Management

A managed switch is a Layer 2 Ethernet LAN switch capable of advanced features beyond switching. A managed network switch can route traffic and monitor and manage the traffic on each port. A Managed Industrial POE Switch is used for power monitoring and traffic management to enhance your network when it’s used in mission-critical applications.

A managed industrial POE switch can be used to monitor your devices’ power consumption and manage their traffic management. It eliminates the need for external power supplies and saves your money on electricity bills while improving the overall quality of services you provide.


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