Every time you see a long, clutter-prone shelf, you feel the pain of not being able to find anything as easily.

Have you ever wanted to have the perfect space at home? Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy, and many people spend hours looking for things they need or don’t have time to look for anymore. Your space can no longer accommodate your current storage needs, and you’re not willing to shelve your belongings in random, messy piles. You need a simple and effective shelving system to give you the organizational space you deserve.

The dexion longspan shelving system is an easy-to-assemble shelving system that transforms any room into your storage haven. This system is perfect for nearly any room in your home and allows you to easily keep all your valuable belongings so that you don’t end up wasting space on things that are out of sight

Flexibility And Durable

Dexion Longspan shelvings are a unique and innovative way of storing parts and equipment. The system provides flexibility and durability that many other systems cannot.

Dexion Longspan shelvings allow you to create the most efficient and attractive storage space by allowing for a practical and effective solution for storing products.

All of their products are made from the highest quality steel available, and all feature an elegant design that will fit in with your existing furniture designs.

Lightweight And Versatile

Dexion Longspan shelving is lightweight and versatile, making it the perfect storage solution for various businesses. Dexion Longspan shelving is available in multiple lengths, making it possible to build out large storage areas without installing a massive amount of equipment!

Thanks to its lightweight design, you can quickly move Dexion Longspan shelving around if you need to reorganize your spaces. When you have Dexion Longspan shelving at your home or business, you’ll find that its durability also makes it an investment that’s well worth the cost.

Dexion Longspan shelvings are made of lightweight aluminum, which allows them to be transported easily. They can be assembled with ease and are versatile due to their many configurations and arrangements.

Easy Maintenance

Longspan shelvings from Dexion have been designed to give you easy maintenance. There are no fixed panels to store ladders in the units, making cleaning more accessible and safer.

Dexion Longspan shelving has a unique maintenance design. The mostly bolt-free shelving has no exposed front and back panels, allowing for easy cleaning from either side by simply removing the front doors or back panel.

For example, the open front allows smooth access to stored materials, while the plastic-coated surface is easy to clean and maintain. With Dexion Longspan shelving, you don’t have to worry about your workers tracking sawdust or dirt into easily cleanable plastic-coated channels!


Dexion Longspan shelving is more space-efficient and less expensive than most conventional racking systems. It makes Dexion Longspan shelving the ideal choice for any environment with challenging storage needs.

Dexion Longspan shelving is a space-saving and cost-effective system. These heavy-duty, lightweight kits are easy to transport, store, and assemble by one person in minutes.


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