As years go by, we strive to look for or own things that match the current times. Pressure cleaner machines are modern devices that are a blessing to many households and commercial spaces. They have become essential tools due to their power to clean and remove stubborn stains. Typically, these washers are durable and can stay for years if maintained properly. Poor care yields undesirable results that cut short the machine’s lifespan. This post focuses on factors affecting the longevity of a Giraffe tools pressure washer.

Causes of reduced pressure washer lifespan

You enjoy the benefits of using an item if it lasts long. You suffer the loss if its lifespan is affected, considering you invested money into it. Below are factors that limit pressure washer usage.

1. A Giraffe tools pressure washer with a low PSI

Every machine has a maximum PSI indicated on either on its body or the manual. It is the highest pressure level point a washer can attain during cleaning. The beauty of pressure washers is you can lower the pressure if your washing project doesn’t need the total PSI rating. It is good to reduce the pressure to suit your need, but it is a disadvantage. Very low pressure affects the pump and engine components causing extreme wear and tear. Going below the PSI range causes the machine to burn out, thus affecting its longevity.

2. Limited use of the Giraffe tools pressure washer

Some people purchase pressure washers for regular use and others for use once in a while. In the latter case, the owner keeps it in storage, waiting for subsequent use. Making the machine go for long periods without running isn’t good. Like carbon steel, rust develops within the engine components, causing it to stall in the long run. Regular checkups are vital even if you use the cleaner once a month. This way, you can detect any rust indication before it worsens.

3. Premature pump failure

It’s a common pressure washer problem. It’s caused by water that’s too hard or excessive iron rust. The pressure washer pump is made of carbon steel which rusts very fast. The continuous flow of such water through the pump causes rusting, which affects its efficiency. When pressure washing, ensure your water source has clean water free from dissolved sand. Also, using soft water is the best choice to keep the Giraffe tools pressure washer pump working longer.

4. Adding low-quality soap to the Giraffe tools pressure washer

The use of detergent is usually optional. Ensure the quality is high if you decide to add it to the washer. A good detergent mixture is mixed with the correct water portions. Poor mixing results in low-quality soap. Also, adding too little or excess detergent ruins the pump or engine components.


Above are common factors that limit the longevity of pressure washers. Others like excessive usage and poor engine maintenance also play a part in this. Always try to stay within the PSI range and conduct regular checkups when the washer isn’t in use. Opt for soft cleaning water with no impurities and use good quality soap.


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