Building a custom heat pipe heatsink is a relatively new technology, but it is growing popular rather quickly. When a new device is introduced into the world, there are three types of people who test it. The first are the ones that just want to try out something new because of the excitement of trying new things out. For this set of people, some reputable companies know them as testers to help check the functionality of new equipment. The next set of people is the informed people. These people are aware of the problem they have, and they also know the production of this device. Therefore, once the device gets launched, they buy it knowing they have the problem. The last set of people are the problem solvers, who are thinking of additional functions they can add to the new device to make it even better. Regardless of whichever section you fall on, we can always make the mistake of buying the wrong device.

A wrong device is one that you think you need, but find out that it does not solve any of your problems. It can be very painful, especially when you have spent a lot of money. The cold plate system has been one of those devices we wish we never had. At the same time, it has been their best technology decision for others. The difference is some were more informed than others. This guide provides you with information on the best time to think of buying a cold plate System or not.

Best time to use a cold plate System

Before you think of owning a cold plate system, you should consider when you think it is the best time. The best way to know this is to have a session with an expert who understands what you need in a refrigerating system and a cold plate system. But for the purpose of this guide, the best times to use a cold plate system are;

When your battery supply is limited

There are times when you are away from a place you can call home or feel any kind of comfort. That way, even if you have a strong battery you can not rely on it because it has a limited supply.

You have a charging supply for a minimum of 2 hours

A cold plate system aims to work with little influence from the direct electric supply. However, it is almost impossible to work without a power source at all. If you want to use a cold plate, you have to be sure you have a source to ensure the plate is cold before you lose the power.

When you should not use the cold plate system

Some of the times you do not need to use a cold plate refrigerator system is

  • When you are on a budget because it can be a lot costly.
  • Your battery is big and has enough supply. If your battery supply is enough, you can use other means.


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