The LG Lift company manufactures heavy-duty vertical cargo lift with best quality materials that are best in class for industrial mobilities, including production material transportation, different types of vehicles that include, commercial and passenger light-weight, middle-weight and heavyweight vehicles, pallets which are used for forklifts within different storied floors inside factories and commercial spaces. LG Lifts are also used in over 170+ countries for operational management in different industrial sectors. This China-based company provides 24 hours customer support, great after-sales and service assistance, installation at any corner of the world, and a long-term warranty.

Need Of LG Lifts: A Hero Of Cargo Lifting

LG Lift company makes cargo lifters that are performing best among all the other players in the market for almost 16+ years. Their well-engineered cargo lifts are the best when it comes to the use of lifting, robotic workforce, human workforce, types of machinery, and raw materials during operational activities in vehicle workshops, warehouses, all types of large storage facilities, industrial works, retail shops, racking facilities, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, and mezzanines, etc. for all kinds of loading activities such as heavy and light cargo lifting, up to a higher range from about 1 Ton to 50 Tons. The LG Lift company produces a wide range of table sizes which are capable of up to a great extent of 6 stops and 30 meters.

Key Operations & Features

1. Business Applications

Designed to move heavy and light goods. The system configures long holders and powerful hydraulics for fast operation yet efficient use of power.

2. 2000kgs Loading Capacity

Specially meant for the automobile sector. Works brilliantly to lift lightweight commercial and all types of passenger vehicles effortlessly.

3. Landing Limits: Upper And Lower

Although, having more movement range than others is of fundamental difference. But strongly built limiter parts ensure safety and stability during fast and continuous industrial operation.

4. Upper Limit For Safety

Omits the chances of human error due to the upper limit as a safety feature.

5. Safe 24v Dc Control Circuit

The Hi-tech and advanced electrical support systems ensure the safest operation than ever.

6. Digital Control Panels

The digital control panel works smoothly without any glitches and the interface is very easy to understand and control the lifter.

7. Adjustable Speeds

The adjustable speed controller is helpful in different situations and payload amounts.

8. 5-Year Warranty On Hardware

This much warranty speaks to how much the company is confident about its lifter’s performance. A full warranty on hardware for 5 years also ensures peace of mind as well as cost-effectiveness

9. 1 Year Warranty On Software

No need to worry about the software since they are using the best methods. Meanwhile, a warranty is given for peace of mind and reliability.

Best In Segment Standard Features Across All Models:

Some of the few standard features are explained here below. These features may be seen in other cargo Lift manufacturers. But in real-life applications many of them have glitches and within a few months of operation fail to operate in correct order perfectly and as a result, the depreciation becomes rapid for such big assets of companies. But the case is different in the case of LG Lift cargo lifters. No matter how old it gets, there’s no need to replace it if maintained and serviced properly from time to time. Not to mention, the company of course offers many attractive service packages and free service intervals during the initial years. It works like it’s new for a very long period.


Because the company hugely focuses on updates with every production batch it releases and very thorough and deep research and development. The dedicated expert engineers with their very effective workmanship make sure that they are providing the highest quality cargo lifters made from the best quality metals so that the efficiency factor never gets compromised. This is the reason why LG Lift company is doing better with time and maintaining its legacy at any cost.


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