Like any other equipment, a wood pellet press also needs proper and timely maintenance, both commercial and private press. The maintenance of the wood pellet press is required for;

  • Proper functioning of the machine
  • To maintain machine efficiency
  • Long-term use
  • To save repair and reinstallation fee
  • Minimize accident risks

As the wood pellet press plays a significant role in pelleting, follow the standard maintenance practices. This article will provide a complete guide on the proper use and upkeep of a pellet press.

1. Cleaning After Every Use

The first and foremost step to keeping every piece of equipment well maintained is appropriately cleaning the machine after every use. As the pellet press is not used regularly so, make sure to preserve the device is cleaned.

After using the machine:

  • Wash all the removable parts and clean other non-removable parts of the press.
  • After drying all the parts, reassemble the device and store it in a clean and dry atmosphere.
  • Use the waterproof cover to preserve the machines.

2. Follow the Operational Instruction

Before using the pellet press, read the instruction guide in case you forget some essential steps to follow. The pellet press is pretty easy to operate, but a single mistake can lead to severe consequences.

3. Inspection Before Usage

Before operating the pellet press, inspect all the parts of the press, even if you pack them well earlier. The inspection is essential if any animal, insects, or dust is present in the machine.

While inspection, if you’ll notice any loose part or dysfunctioning ensure to replace or tighten up that part immediately. Do not circumvent any single mistake as you are unaware of the results.

4. Keep all Parts Lubricated

The lubrication of pellet press makes them efficient and keeps all its fittings well-maintained.

In the absence of lubricant, machines become hotter than usual, use more power, and friction between parts becomes enhanced.

So, keep all the bearings, roller, and gears lubricated with oil or another lubricant.

5. Avoid Overloading

Inspecting the machine for overworking or overloading is also a part of its maintenance. The overloading of raw material in the press can cause serious risks to the equipment. Strictly follow the material loading instructions and avoid any carelessness.

6. Maintain the Moisture Value of Raw Material

The moisture content of raw material seems to be a minor factor, but it plays a significant role in the quality of pellets formed and the pellet mill. The usual requirement of moisture content is 10%.

Moisture amounts higher than this optimum value makes the pellets hard with the dust formation during storage and transportation. While the moisture more than optimum value damage the pellets.

Available Control Accessories in Pellet Press

Many manufacturers provide some control accessories for the large-scale programs of pellet press. These control accessories keep the user updated about the risky situations of pellet press. Some of these accessories include;

  • Solenoid valve: control unites for material flow interruption
  • Bin level alarm: indicates that raw material bin is about to empty
  • Overload controls: delay the operation time or stop the pellet press in case of overloading


All the practices mentioned above don’t require much of your time or effort, but they will save a lot of installation or repair costs. So, keep a keen eye on your pellet press while working and take quick action in case of malfunctioning or reduced efficiency.


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