The high lumen output of LED lights make them a popular choice for pole barns, which can be fitted with fewer but brighter fixtures. With energy-efficient features like long lifespans and compact size it’s no wonder these efficient lighting options have become so commonplace!

Low-heat LED pole barn lights reduce energy costs

If you own a pole barn, you may be wondering what type of lighting you should use. Low-heat LED lights are a good option because they don’t produce as much heat as traditional lights. Additionally, these lights are also less expensive, making them an excellent choice for energy-conscious owners. Although many people are hesitant to buy LEDs because of their high upfront cost, the technology has become more affordable in recent years.

LEDs provide a high level of energy efficiency. They are also much more environmentally friendly than incandescent lights, which produce more heat than other forms of lighting. Choosing the right type of lighting is essential to achieve the best results. LED lights are also more durable than conventional lighting, reducing energy costs while providing a beautiful lighting effect. In addition, LED lights require much less maintenance and have a long lifespan.

Gooseneck style

If you are looking for a new light fixture for your pole barn, consider Gooseneck style LED pole barn lights. These fixtures offer safety features and aesthetic appeal. They are especially useful for lighting smaller areas and giving off a more ambient light. Gooseneck style barn lights are ideal for doorways, columns and common areas.

They are available in different sizes and can be mounted on walls or poles. Large gooseneck barn lights with wire guards make great accent lights. They can also be installed above entrance doors or garages. These lights are also good for lighting special artwork.

Mounting options

When deciding which led pole barn lights to buy, there are many options available to you. Some light fixtures are permanently mounted on poles, while others may be mounted on chains. Choose the mounting method that is most appropriate for your space. Keep in mind that the installation method you choose must be safe, so make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines.

When it comes to interior lighting, you should aim for 100 to 200 lumens per square foot. This will help you get the right amount of light while still not wasting money on unnecessary lighting. However, don’t overdo it – you don’t want to leave certain areas of the pole barn in the dark. It is also best not to use too many lights at once, as this could result in under-illumination. If you notice areas of your pole barn that are too dark, you can always add supplementary lights as necessary.

5-year warranty

LED pole barn lights are an excellent way to add light to your pole barn. They have many advantages, such as bright light, low cost, and easy installation. These lights are ideal for any barn or workshop. They are also covered by a 5-year warranty. You can also upgrade your fluorescent tubes to LED by simply replacing them with these lights.

When purchasing LED lighting, make sure you get the right warranty. The standard manufacturers’ warranty is three to five years. However, some manufacturers offer warranties that are longer. Some will cover the cost of replacement or repairs, and will also reimburse the costs of labor to repair the product.


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