If you’re building a new home or an office, the most important thing there would be interior and exterior lights. When it comes to interior lights, there are endless options whether you want ceiling lights or wall pack lights. Both are good and both are recommended depending on your requirement and suitability. Therefore, this article will talk about everything related to wall pack lights and how you can install them in your interior of a newly built house.

Interior Ideas With Wall Pack Lights

Below are some interior designing ideas with wall pack lights for your home and office:

  1. You can install wall pack lights with photocell at the downwards just above the wall skirting. Lights suited for that place have a straight angle, which reflect the led light straight at 90 degrees. These lights can also be installed at every stair step in a staircase. They’re ideal for indoor but cannot be used outdoor. However, if there’s any shade outside, you can install these lights under the shade where it remains untouched by rainwater.
  2. Then there’s another type of wall pack light that reflects the light downwards. These lights are installed at a high height on the wall just below the ceiling so the light rays can travel downwards. These are best used in showrooms, where you need to showcase certain product or highlight your product. Moreover, you can install these wall pack lights to get an aesthetic appeal in your room.

Why Wall Pack Lights?

There are several advantages and reasons for buying wall pack lights:

  • Wall pack lights are dimmable, so you can adjust the illumination depending on the requirement. That will help you save a lot of money on the electricity expenses.
  • Lights with photocell are considered one of the latest and the best technology in the market.
  • They’re available in up to 40W, which can literally light up even the darkest room very well. They don’t demand special power supply and you can fit them with your regular household wiring fitting.
  • With 5800 lumens, they become one of the long-lasting LED lights that you can expect to last for years. Forget the hassle of buying a new one anytime soon the in the future.
  • The overall design and appearance is amazing as they go well with most interior designs. Their design is universal, which fits them in most interior design ideas.
  • There are several types of wall pack lights that throw the light beams at different angles. Due to different angles, they’re placed differently on the wall depending on where you want the light to be thrown.


So, if you’ve learned about the advantages and some interior decoration ideas with wall pack led lights, the next thing to do is to buy them. And if you want to buy them, the recommended website is revolveled, who has years of experience in expert product solutions when it comes to led lighting solutions. If you want more details about their latest products, you’re recommended to visit their official website. There you will find all types of varieties in the wall pack LED lights section.


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